One more team needed Friday Night!

We are preparing for the upcoming winter session of curling and have an odd number of teams for Friday Night.

We need one more team of 3 or 4, we have one player who needs a team or a whole team to step up. If you can help us please send an email and let us know or call Cathy or Miriam.

Registration Extended

Due the the high number of curlers that missed our Sunday deadline we have now extended it to Dec 18, 2022.  After that it will be closed so we have time to make the schedules.  PLEASE PLEASE GET REGISTERED NOW, so we don’ t have to work through the holidays!  Thank you!

Curling Resumes December 12, 2022

We will open for curling next week but here are a few reminders:
1) Sanitize your hands when walking into the club (and out again)
2) Though not mandated, we highly recommend the use of a mask in the common area before stepping on the ice.
3) If you do not feel well, please please stay home, find a spare, and keep your curling friends safe by not coming to the club!
4) The yellow buckets in the ice area have wipes in them. WIPE your rock handles BEFORE and AFTER your game. (Thirds, please make this your job).  All the buckets are open and ready to use, and it only takes a moment.  Also if you borrow club equipment, brooms, crutches, etc sanitize those before returning to the loan room.
One last reminder: Registration ends Dec 11th (this sunday) Please register asap so we can organize the teams and have time for our families at this busy time of year. 
Again, if you know of any curlers without access to a computer for this information, please pass it along.


Due to the large number of illnesses going through the club right now we have decided to cancel curling this week (Dec 5-10) and will keep you posted when we review next week to see if we’ll open up again. Watch for an update.

Thank you for your understanding as we try to keep our members healthy and safe