For 2022-2023 Season, only current members (curlers registered in a league currently) can spare in another league. There is no charge for a member to spare in another league.

There is now a “spare League” sign up in the curling I/O under “Products”.  it is the Curl BC fee of $20 and a seasonal fee of $25.

Curling I/O has a great feature whereby you can add yourself to the spare list and indicate which league(s) is your preference. . There you will see the screen where you can select which leagues you would like to spare in and indicate if you wish other curlers to see your contact info. The Club will print a list of those curlers who have chosen to spare and post it on the bulletin board.

A Sign-up sheet will also be available at the Club, or  send us an email with your name/contact information and which leagues you prefer to spare for and we will add you to the Spare List!  Send your email to [email protected]