9th End Lounge

The 9th End Lounge will NOT be available for rent from May until September of 2024. 

Sorry for any inconvenience



To our Ladies team that went to the Masters and WON!

Denise Jaeger, Kim Wilson, Laurie Heald  and Janet Plante way to go!!!


The new date for the wind up “Burgers n Beer” banquet is April 13, 2024

Please sign up at the club by April 2, 2024.

If you’re not going to be at the club and want to sign up send us an email and your name will be forwarded to the committee

Hobbs Teams

The Creston Curling Club will be represented at the BCMCC Championship March 24-27, 2024 by 6 teams!!  We wish them the best luck.  The teams are:

Team O’Connor:  Terry O’Connor, Laddie Pavlis, Pete Plante,  Terry Jaeger

Team Plante: Janet Plante, Laurie Heald, Kim Wilson, Denise Jaeger

Team Easton: Mark Easton, Wes Brooks, Greg Place, Phil Graham

Team Jensen: Chris Jensen, Richard Tetz

Team  Fahselt: Norm Fahselt, Joan Fahselt, Terry Bambrick, Dina Bambrick

Team Jones: Al Jones, Bob Lunn



Congratulations Team Terrill.    2024 Butterfly Champions.      
Thank you to all curlers in the event.   See you for the 79th!
Congratulations to all Event winners, pictures and team names are in the Photo Gallery

Butterfly Bonspiel Schedule

It’s finally here starting tomorrow!  Butterfly weekend!!

The schedule for the first round is now up on the website under “Butterfly Bonspiel”

We wish all the Men Good Curling

And the Winners are:

A Event: Team Sanders

B Event: Team Plante

C Event: Team Heald

D Event: Team Tebulte


The pictures and full team names will be posted later today or tomorrow.