End of Season

Our curling is quickly coming to a close for the season.

We hope everyone had a great season and we are already planning for next fall

Please keep these things in mind over the summer

Consider coming to the AGM in September and perhaps volunteering for the board, but even just attending the meeting is good to have your input heard.

Grippers- we are seeing a lot of debris on the ice from peoples grippers starting to degrade.  If your gripper(s) are older that one year please consider replacing them for next year and helping keep our ice clean.

Thanks and see you next season!

And the Winners Are:

Congratulations to all the Winners of the Butterfly Bonspiel – it was a great event!

And the winners are:
A Event: Firman Team– Ted Hutchinson, Kurt Chenuz, Laddie Pavlis, Josh Firman
B Event: Easton Team – Steve Latour, Wes Brooks, Greg Place, Mark Easton.
C Event: Cutler Team: Stan Reese, Bryan Smithson, Doug Thompson, Rick Cutler
D Event: Al Tholl Team – Bob Foreman, Glen Kinder, Terry O’Connor, Al Tholl
E Event: Al Jones Team: Ed Hager, Pete Plante, Gary Wilson, Al Jones
F Event: Lloyd Lind Team: Gary Pollitt, Larry Walker, Bill Terrill, Lloyd Lind.
Team pictures are under Gallery